Hampden Academy Beekeeping Club aims to teach students the principals of beekeeping with help from local expert Peter Cowin, known locally as "The Bee Whisperer."

Meeting after school one night a week, it is a "hands on" club with our very own hives here on campus producing healthy bees that supply us with honey as well as wax for use in various projects.
Members are not only learning about the environmental impact and importance of honeybees ; the club aims to illustrate to students how to run a small business (in the selling of our honey and other products), use artwork to design logos and decorate the hives, collect research data in collaboration with the University of Maine.

Starting with 2 hives this year, we hope to grow in membership and add to our bee population next Spring.


The club has been approached by other schools in the nation who wish to follow our model and start a beekeeping club.