The Hampden Academy Robotics team is a competitive robotics club that uses the VEX robotics platform. We currently have 4 teams that design and build a VEX robot to compete in the game challenge for each particular year. There are several ways to become part of the team: Designers, Builders, Programmers and Design Notebook People are the major job descriptions but students can also be all around helpers to their team.

We compete in a minimum of three competitions per year at schools around the state and teams that qualify will compete for the State Championship. Teams that qualify at the State Championship, will have the opportunity to go to the World Championship.


The Robotics team meets each week on Monday and Wednesday from 2:05 - 4:00 and our season runs from September through February and then we will start again after April vacation until the end of the year preparing for the following years competition.


For more information about the program contact Mr. Huff or Mr. Moore [email protected],[email protected] or call 862 - 3791.