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Jason Dorr

Jason Dorr
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My name is Jason Dorr and for almost two decades I have been a member of the Hampden Academy faculty where I serve as a history instructor and a member of the Social Studies department. Over this span, I have taught all grade levels and all required courses along with Advanced Placement European History, as well as organizing, facilitating, and advising students taking independent studies. My educational background is a BA in history with a major in Canadian history and a BS in education with a major in social studies. I have an MA in U.S. history. My MA thesis focused on native peoples of the Northeast and their relationship with the State of Maine from 1820 to 1848. I have and will always enjoy working with the students in the District. They are the one component that truly makes my job a pleasurable and fulfilling experience. In my free time, you will find me casting flies to hungry fish.

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