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Cindy Emerson

Cindy Emerson
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Cynthia Emerson- Special Education Teacher for Students in State Agencies

BS in Elementary Eduction- 1989 and taught Elementary for 10 years
M.Ed/CAS in Counselor Education 2003/2008
Professional Certification in Special Education K - 12
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor - Involved in at risk children/teens for 12 years in crisis settings.
I am the proud parent of a 10 year old daughter, Gemmalisa that I adopted from China in 2006 as a 13 month old baby with special needs of severe cleft lip and palate. We are always shouting out the praise for Boston Children's Hospital and the excellent plastic surgery work they perform there. We reside on the Lebanon Road in Winterport with another family and our hobby farm consists of mini horses, nigerian dwarf goats, and chickens. I was born and raised in Vermont and our family is still located there and we visit as often as we can. Gemma enjoys music and dance. I love the outdoors that includes fishing and hunting and try to be in it as much as possible. We like to attend the games at Hampden Academy and cheer our team on. Go Broncos!!