Welcome to Hampden Academy, a school rich in tradition, steeped in excellence, and looking to the future The Academy has a strong academic reputation that is a result of outstanding educators and students who strive for continual improvement.

Hampden Academy is a comprehensive public high school with a dedicated staff and a student body that excels in academic, social, and civic areas. The faculty and administration are committed to maintaining and improving the quality educational program that reflects a culture of respect and trust, and where high standards, student inquiry, student reflections, and student interest drive teaching and learning. Educators, students, and parents work together to create experiences that challenge students to grow and develop into well-prepared, confident adults.


A study by the Maine Education Policy Research Institute at the University of Southern Maine identifies a number of findings about Maine's "More Efficient" schools, chief among them:

  • "In these More Efficient schools, the school community engages in a pervasive, consistent practice of focused study that is 'fun because it is hard rather than in spite of being hard.' "

  • "In More Efficient schools, there is a pervasive academic and intellectual focus evident in all corners of the school."

  • "What we found to be unique among the More Efficient schools is a singular, sustained focus that places students and their intellectual development at the center of all of the work. The culture is that of a learning community."

  • In these "learning communities, teachers and leaders act as intellectual agents who believe they have the moral responsibility to help children become intellectual thinkers who can contribute to the greater good of society."

Hampden Academy is a "More Efficient" school. The Academy is one of only nine high schools in Maine (and the only one north of Augusta) that has been designated as higher performing and highly efficient ("More Efficient").