Welcome to Hampden Academy Athletics.

The Athletic Director and the coaches from Hampden Academy believe that co-curricular participation enhances the overall high school experience and we want to renew our invitation to all students to get involved.

All sports information about game and practice times and locations can be found by clicking on the Game and Practice Schedule.

Hampden Academy Athletic Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Fred Lower Athletic Director flower@rsu22.us (207) 862-3985
Megan Smith Athletic Secretary msmith@rsu22.us (207) 862-7345
Lucas Bartlett Athletic Trainer lbartlett@emhs.org (207) 862-3791

Hampden Academy Coaches Directory

Name Title Email
Andrew Logan Varsity Head Football Coach Alogan@rsu22.us
Paul Wellman Varsity Boys Soccer Coach pwellman@brewer.edu.org
Chris Hink Varsity Girls Soccer Coach Chink@rsu22.us
Brad Veitch Varsity Cross Country Coach bveitch@rsu22.us
Danielle Johnson Varsity Cross Country Coach djohnson@rsu22.us
Amanda Grove Varsity Field Hockey Coach agrove@rsu22.us
David Willette Varsity Golf Coach
Russ Bartlett Varsity Boys Basketball Coach rbartlett@rsu22.us
Nick Winchester Varsity Girls Basketball Coach nawinchester@gmail.com
McKenzie Madden Varsity Cheerleading Coach mpmadden93@gmail.com
Eric MacDonald Varsity Ice Hockey Coach macdonalde10@yahoo.com
Ian Gillis Alpine Ski Coach alpine.gillis@gmail.com
Sam Manhart Swimming Coach smanhart@rsu22.us
Jason Kash Indoor Track Coach jkash@rsu22.us
Jon Perry Varsity Baseball Coach 211japes@gmail.com
Matt Madore Varsity Softball Coach mmadore@rsu22.us
Tyler Ross Varsity Boys Tennis Coach tyross@rsu22.us
Rich Nutter Varsity Girls Tennis Coach r.nutter@twc.com
Jason Kash Outdoor Track Coach jkash@rsu22.us
Matt Lindemann JV Football Coach mlindemann@rsu22.us
Kirk Soule JV Boys Soccer Coach kirk.soule@huhtamaki.com
Tara Davis Girls JV Soccer coach utechttl@yahoo.com
Margeaux Poplaski JV Field Hockey Coach mpoplaski@fca.org
Tim Throckmorton JV Golf Coach tth207@aol.com
Dan Schaeffer JV Boys Basketball Coach danielschaeffer32@yahoo.com
Chad Bradbury JV Girls Basketball Coach chadbradbury14@gmail.com
Oscar Degnan Freshman Boys Basketball Coach oscar.degnan@maine.edu
Logan Huston Coed JV Tennis Coach lhuston@rsu22.us
Brittany Layman
Volleyball Coach Blayman@rsu22.us
Michael Ditzel Assistant Track Coach mditzel@rsu22.us
Cameron Blood Assistant Track Coach cameron.blood@gmail.com
Dean El Hajj Assistant Track Coach Delhajj@rsu22.us
Jaimee Perry
JV Softball Coach