Graduation Video

There will be a Motorcade (like a parade) directly following the Graduation Event on Sunday, June 14th. Approximate time is 12:30. The only thing different from the original plan is that Hampden Public Safety will not be leading us, but instead helping to control traffic at the entrance on to Western Ave and then the intersection of 1A, Western Ave, and Canoe Club Rd. This is to ensure safety along the way and be sure families can get though and the Class of 2020 can remain in a group.

-Families will all exit HA through Western Ave, take a right and head down to the intersection of 1A, Western Ave, and Canoe Club Rd, taking another right onto 1A. The Class will stay together as a group until the Kennebec Rd. when some families may take a right onto Kennebec while others will head down through Winterport & Frankfort.

-We encourage families and businesses to decorate your front yard and show your support for our Graduates.

-Per State order, we discourage the gathering of large groups along the Motorcade route so that we can ensure the safety of our families and stay inline with the CDC guidelines provided.

Chief Bailey and I have been working together all week to ensure that we had the most accurate information before releasing it to the public. We have heard support of the event by the Chief of Staff of the Governor and Senator Guerin. We appreciate that support as well as the guidance that was provided by the Maine Attorney General's office. By adhering to the guidelines above we will not be in violation of the directive provided by the Maine Law Enforcement Commissioner. Thank you!  


SCHOLARSHIPS - Please read the following carefully

If any senior is awarded a scholarship s/he is reminded that detailed instructions for each scholarship are given in the envelope which is presented at graduation.  Please read these instructions carefully, keep the instructions, and follow them your first year in college.  Do not throw the instructions away in the excitement of graduation day. 

It is imperative that students check their school email regularly.  Please email Mrs. Moore at if you need further clarification.