Parents and Athletes

Concussions can occur in any sport or physical activity. As children and athletes of all ages are playing longer and harder than ever before, the potential for concussion (classified as a mild traumatic brain injury -TBI), continues to increase. Fortunately, with proper management and careful return to participation, the ability to protect the long-term health of athletes is more effective than ever.

90% of most diagnosed concussions do not involve a loss of consciousness.
Signs and Symptoms of Concussion

Hampden Academy utilizes ImPACT testing for all athletes involved contact sports. Athletes take a baseline computerized test to have on file. If they should suffer a concussion that test is then used to compare with the post impact test taken after symptoms of their concussion are gone. Students do not return to athletics until they have passed the ImPACT test. It is an important piece of the overall concussion evaluation and management process.