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Head Coach: McKenzie Madden

Assistant Coaches: Mara Larby, Emily Reilly


Clough Sophie 11 Competition Comp Captain
Doucette Maddison 10 Sideline
Fairbrother Ariana 10 Sideline
Grant Trinity 11 Competition Comp Captain
Haskell Kalley 11 Sideline Sideline Captain
Kroll Karlee 9 Competition
Kroll Caylynn 9 Competition
Liberatore Alana 10 Sideline Sideline Captain
Mcleod Lily 10 Competition
Melanson Rachelle 11 Competition Comp Captain
Melanson Esmae 9 Competition
Merrill Mackenzie 9 Competition
O'Leary Savannah 11 Competition Comp Captain
Powers Lydia 10 Competition
Taylor Lillian 9 Competition
Towne Jill 9 Competition
Worster Elise 9 Competition