Guidelines For Medication Administration In School

The RSU 22 medication policy was developed to provide us with safe and effective guidelines for administering medications, which are generally given by the school staff. Medications can be given in school when it is medically necessary for the child in order to attend school. A few highlights of the policy include:

  • Medications must be delivered in their original container, with prescription label when applicable.
  • Parents must transport medications to the school and transport them home when medications are no longer needed.
  • All medications must be accompanied by a RSU 22 medication permission form signed by the doctor and parent. These forms are available at the school or under the link below.

We will ask that you assist us in limiting medications in the school to those which are considered medically necessary as part of your child's doctor's plan of care. The nurse will be happy to discuss any aspects of the medication policy with you.

Medication Permit