Head Coach: McKenzie Madden   [email protected]

Assistant Coach: Mara Larby, Hannah Mann, Amy Spen

Team Roster



Hampden Academy

Fall Cheer 2023

Team Roster

Grace Adams, Grade 12

Stella Ames, Grade 9

Kallyn Brown, Grade 11

 Sophie Clough, Grade 11 Captain*

Joie Curtis, Grade 10

 Maddison Doucette, Grade 10

 Kalley Haskell, Grade 11

 Seaira Hopkins, Grade  11 Captain*

Karlee Kroll, Grade 9
Caylynn Kroll, Grade 9
Ava Layes, Grade 10
Alana Liberatore, Grade 10

Esmae Melanson, Grade 9
Rachelle Melanson, Grade 11 Captain* 
Mackenzie Merrill, Grade 9
Savannah O’Leary, Grade 11 Captain*
Jill Towne, Grade 9
McKenna Veazie, Grade 9
Keelia-Sara Whiting, Grade 9 
Elise Worster, Grade 9

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